Caring / Cuidando

Chloe has been really into looking after her dolls lately. Feeding and breastfeeding them, taking them for walks on their pushchair, putting them to sleep, and even bringing them along to our different activities and shopping!

The cutest thing happened yesterday. She was playing with her boy doll, and speaking English to him too! It went like this:

* Sits doll on the potty *

– Whoa poopoo. Wipe!

* Storms off to her room to find a cloth wipe *

– Done. Wait, mami wipe water. (To me) mami, agua toallita (water wipe).

* I wet the wipe and give it back *

– Whoa clean poopoo wipe. Done! Wipe bin.

* Puts wipe in wipe bin *

Últimamente Chloe está cuidando a sus muñecas muchísimo. Les da de comer, pecho, las pasea en el carrito, las acuesta, y se las trae a las actividades y a comprar!

Ayer hizo una cosa graciosísima. Estaba jugando con su muñeco, y le hablaba en inglés:

* Lo sienta en el orinal *

– Whoa poopoo. Wipe! (Guau, caca. ¡Toallita!)

* Sale corriendo a su cuarto a por una toallita de tela *

– Done. Wait, mami wipe water (Ya. Espera, mami toallita agua). (A mí) mami, agua toallita.

* Mojo la toallita y se la doy *

– Whoa clean poopoo wipe. Done! Wipe bin. (Guau limpiar caca toallita. ¡Ya! Toallita cubo)

* Echa la toallita al cubo *


Knickers / Braguitas

By popular demand, here it goes: the story of how Chloe went nappy free at 15 months!
I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now, but first I didn’t want to jinx it, then I was too busy, and eventually it became the new normal so I haven’t thought much about it! But it’s still worth sharing as so many people want to know.

It all started around 8 months when we introduced the potty and the grunts. She soon got the hang of it and would wee in the potty when offered. I also became an expert at predicting poop so I only ever had to change one more pooey nappy! That in itself was a huge success 😀

I also introduced standing nappy changes as soon as she could support herself. This makes them more aware of what’s going on and it’s more similar to wiping yourself after using the loo. It’s recommended that you move nappy changes and potty to the bathroom but we had a nice setup in her room so I never did.

By the time she was one, she had been walking for a month so she was able to take herself to the potty. We did a few trial runs in the garden, which resulted in her making it to the potty 50% of the time, and me realizing that a) she needed a wee every 20 minutes and b) she didn’t know with more than a few seconds notice. All this made it obviously impractical to even try outside the house!

We kept at it at home though, with her wearing legwarmers and a top most days: her bladder capacity started to increase and also her communication skills (she would bring the potty over for example). Around 14 months we wouldn’t have any accidents if it was just the two of us at home.

I had a go at (cloth) training pants but they didn’t work for her: if she was wearing one she would think it was a nappy and go in it!

So I bought a portable potty (with disposable bags) that always came with us, and I spent a couple of weeks reminding her before getting in the car, or if she was busy with other kids, and still very few accidents.

She was still wearing nappies for naps, but since she always woke up dry I stopped using those as well.

She had them at the creche too, and at this point it really felt disrespectful to keep using them. If she is aware of her needs and can let me know, why would I force her to wet herself? (If you struggle understanding this, imagine it’s a grown up we’re talking about). So we went nappy free there too, although she kept having accidents because of all the distractions I presume.

Then we went to Spain for a few days and that was the final test. She had nappies for the trip but refused to use them, asking for the toilet instead. Then I could leave her with my mum and she would tell her too. So at the tender age of 15 months she was nappy free!

Most interesting part of all this, apart from all the well meaning comments, was finding underwear! Turns out the smallest size available is 2-3 years, and Chloe has always been on the small side 🙂

Issue b) above was still around, so we carried the portable potty everywhere we went, but by now she needed a wee an hour (roughly like me!) so it was much more manageable. Around 17 months she was able to tell me a bit in advance so we have time to find a toilet, and now I don’t carry anything. Possibly a change of clothes just in case!

Most nights she wakes up dry, or will wake up during the night asking to use the loo, but others she does wee so we haven’t removed those yet. Still, my washing loads have decreased dramatically!

Something I bumped into when reading about “early” potty learning was that some people believe that until the child can dress and undress themselves they shouldn’t be using the potty. To me it sounds ridiculous, because what determines this is the type of clothes you put on them, so if they can use the potty naked that’s really not a reason!

As to the big question: did cloth nappies make a difference? I’m not sure if they did to her, since she never ever cared about sitting on a dirty nappy. But they probably did to me, as I was more aware of waste etc, and the earliest we stopped using them, the better for the environment – and for my laundry routine!

Traducción próximamente

Doll / Muñeca

I got Chloe this soft doll for Christmas, even though I wasn’t too sure at what age toddlers start with role/symbolic play. I also got her a small Mei Tai to carry her dolls when she’s older 😃

Turns out it’s starting earlier than expected! Albeit in a very rudimentary form, of course.

First she started pointing at the doll’s eyes and doing her eye sign (squinting), and pointing at the doll’s nose and then at her own nose. I showed her what she could do with the sling too (shame she can’t put it on by herself!).

Then two days ago she put her doll to my boob and made eating noises 😂, and today she sat her on the potty making grunting wee noises, as well as tried to wear her on a rucksack! (It must be mentioned that I use the same word in Spanish for baby/doll carriers and small rucksacks).

Le compré esta muñeca blandita por Reyes, sin tener muy claro a qué edad empiezan con el juego simbólico. También le compré recientemente un mini Mei Tai para portear a sus muñecas, cuando sea mucho mayor claro.

Al parecer hemos empezado antes de lo esperado 😃 aunque claro, es todo aún muy básico. 

Primero empezó a señalar los ojos de la muñeca y a hacer su gesto de ojitos (entrecerrar los ojos), y a señalarle la nariz y luego la suya. Ahí le enseñé lo que puede hacer con el Mei Tai (mochilita). Una lástima que no se la pueda poner sola.

Hace un par de días me puso a la muñeca al pecho haciendo ruidos de comer 😂 y hoy la ha puesto en el orinal haciendo su gruñidito de pipí, y ha intentado portearla en una mochilita normal!

Breakthroughs / Avances

Today seems to have been one of those days in which everything she does is new and shocking (to me!). In no particular order:

– Understanding the concept of “in its place” and placing various things where they belong.

– Making a big effort to say ‘bye-bye’, ‘mpampá’ and ‘cheese’ (they sound baba, baba and shhhhhh).

– Spending a lot of time working on getting her shoes on. And being the one to do the velcro strip.

– Wiping some drops of water that fell on the floor. For quite a while. She seemed upset so I gave her a rag 🙂

– Grabbing some of the laundry and hanging it on the airer, unprompted, by observation only.

– Screaming when scared. Although, to be fair, I got scared and screamed first so maybe she was just joining in! (Water came over my head and startled me)

– Leaving me in a not-so-familiar place, wandering around the building and eventually stealing some toys from a nearby room.

– Getting angry when someone tried to take a toy she was holding. With food and other stuff she’d cry but with this particular one she held on really tight and went all red and full of rage.

– Putting the potty on the floor. When I asked if she needed a wee, she grunted (poo noise I assumed). I knew she didn’t need a poo but sat her anyway. Her nappy was almost dry after two hours of wearing it, and she did a massive wee in the potty while grunting!!

Hoy ha sido uno de esos días en los que todo lo que hace es nuevo y alucinante. Ejemplos:

– Entiende “en su sitio” y lleva cosas varias a donde les corresponde cuando se lo pido.

– Ha hecho un esfuerzo enorme por decir ‘bye-bye’, ‘mpampá’ y ‘cheese’ (suenan baba, baba y shhhhhh).

– Se ha llevado muchísimo tiempo intentando ponerse los zapatos. Y cuando se los he puesto yo, les ha cerrado ella la tira de velcro.

– Ha secado el suelo cuando se ha derramado un poco de agua, y se ha llevado un buen rato. Pareció molestarle así que le dí una bayeta 🙂

– Ha cogido ropa del barreño y la ha tendido, sin yo decirle nada, solo por observación.

– Ha gritado de susto. Claro que primero me he asustado y he gritado yo, así que igual me hacía los coros (me ha caído agua de la ducha por la cabeza sin esperármelo).

– Se ha alejado de mí en un sitio medio conocido, llegando a zonas donde no la podía ver, e incluso ha robado unos juguetes de otra habitación.

– Se ha puesto rabiosa cuando le han intentado quitar un juguete. Ha pasado también con comida y con otras cosas, y ha llorado, pero con este en concreto lo ha agarrado fuerte, se ha puesto roja y ha medio gruñido.

– Ha cogido el orinal y lo ha puesto en el suelo. Cuando le he preguntado si quería hacer pipí, ha hecho un ruido como de apretar. Imaginé que no tenía ganas de hacer caca, pero aún así ya que me lo ha dicho la he sentado. Pues resulta que el pañal lo tenía casi seco después de llevarlo dos horas, y ha hecho un pis enorme en el orinal (y gruñendo!).

Potty Update / Puesta al día


Since my last post on how Chloe used the potty we’ve moved on to offering it every time I change her nappy, and she goes every time!
Now, I have to confess I don’t change her nappy every time it’s wet, nor would I know when that is since she doesn’t complain! So roughly every 3h (to go with feeds) we go upstairs, I wipe her, ask her if she wants to go on the potty, to which she responds with her sign for “pick me up”, I sit her there, she does her stuff and, most importantly, she lets me know when she’s done by signing again.
This is important because, as it happened this morning, she might wee and then stay sitting for a while. I could have decided to pick her up (although I’m sure she would have complained), but then I would have missed the fact that she also needed to poo.
So yeah, less nappies to wash!
Desde que publiqué el otro día la entrada contando cómo Chloe había usado el orinal, la estoy sentando cada vez que le cambio el pañal, y casi siempre hace algo!
Tengo que confesar que no la cambio cada vez que hace pis. Sinceramente, ni siquiera sé cuando hace pis porque no se queja. Así que más o menos cada tres horas (para seguir a las tomas) la llevo arriba, la limpio, le pregunto si quiere el orinal, ella responde con su signo de ” cógeme”, la siento, hace sus cosas y me vuelve a indicar cuando ya ha terminado.
Esto último es importante porque solo ella sabe si ha terminado. Por ejemplo esta mañana hizo pis y se llevó mucho rato sentada después. Si la hubiera cogido la podríamos haber liado parda porque también tenía ganas de hacer caca.
Así que ahí vamos, menos pañales que lavar.

Potty / Orinal

This post has no picture for obvious reasons haha
Yesterday, at the tender age of 8 months, Chloe used the potty for the first time. For wee and poop.
This might sound a bit bonkers but it’s quite simple: I was changing her nappy, noticed that she needed to go, and sat her on the potty.
But again, it’s more complicated than that. After reading about Elimination-Communication I decided it wasn’t for us, but I still took some ideas from it. For example, observing her for cues when she needs to poop, and making a sound when she does, so she associates it (and leaving her alone to it! The amount of times people see her at it and start singing or giving her toys!).
So, I was able to read her cues much earlier than it would have been, and I was able to signal to her that the potty was in fact a good place for it. If you think about it, she’s only ever done it in a nappy and she’s too young to understand what it’s for.
Este post no tiene foto por razones obvias jaja
Ayer, con la tierna edad de 8 meses, Chloe usó su orinal* por primera vez. Para hacer pis y caca.
Sé que suena un poco a locura, pero es más simple de lo que parece: le estaba cambiando el pañal, noté que tenía ganas, y la senté.
Por otro lado, es más complicado que lo que acabo de decir. Hace tiempo leí sobre la Comunicación de la Eliminación (qué mal suenan algunas cosas traducidad) y, aunque decidí que no íbamos a hacerlo, me quedé con algunas cosillas. Por ejemplo, observar las señales que da cuando tiene ganas de hacer caca, y hacer un ruido para que lo asocie (¡y luego dejarla tranquila! ¡La de veces que la gente la ve ahí apretando y le canta o le da juguetes!!).
Así que cuando digo que ví que tenía ganas, me refiero a que lo ví con bastante antelación, como para darme tiempo a sacar el orinal y sentarla. Y al hacer el ruido le hice saber que el orinal es un buen sitio para hacer sus cosas. Porque digo yo, si solo las ha hecho en un pañal, y tan peque no se le puede explicar, ¿cómo iba a entender lo que estábamos haciendo?
* ¿A alguien más le suena fatal la palabra “orinal”, pero aún así la prefiere a “escupidera”?