Teething / La Boca

A conversation we had today at baby massage has reminded me that I’ve never posted anything about teething!

Maybe I never was around babies much, or maybe the ones I did meet had laid-back parents, but from Spain I didn’t grow up with the idea that teething is something terrible and that it causes a myriad of nasty symptoms. So it was indeed a shock to see that in the UK, pretty much anything a baby does is blamed on teething!

Anything from drooling (the salivary glands starting to overproduce, in preparation for solids), to taking hands/toys to their mouth (that’s how they explore the world), to nappy rash, fever, bad sleep, crankiness.. you name it, it’s the teeth’s fault!

So it actually made me laugh when I found an old medical article (say 100 years old?) in which the leading cause of infant death was.. you guessed right! Teething 😬

As much as I’ve looked around, I haven’t found a single study that shows reliably any symptoms related to teething. Some show a couple of symptoms that happen just the day before a tooth comes through (and warns you that any fever should be evaluated, as it’s definitely not caused by teething).

To be fair, I don’t see a problem with blaming things, as long as you still allow your baby to chew on stuff, and as long as you don’t medicate unnecessarily (a pet peeve of mine if you wish).

In Chloe’s case, this is what I’ve noticed: for most teeth, nothing at all. Including having four molars out overnight with me having no idea. And for the four bottom incisors, which are really crammed and wonky, she had one-sided runny nose (see picture) and one night with slightly disturbed sleep.


Tongue Tie / Frenillo


It’s been almost a month since we had her tongue tie snipped, and we’re still not free of feeding issues. Her latch seems to have improved but she has developed some bad habits in the 10 weeks or feeding with tongue tie, so it’s never going to be perfect 😦
The procedure itself was quick, and she cried more from being restrained than from the actual snip (or so I want to believe). There was very little blood and most of it came out later when she spat out some pink milk!
I recommend that everyone has their baby checked by a tongue tie practitioner; someone checked Chloe at the hospital before discharge and said there wasn’t one – and she didn’t even touch under the tongue! Clearly not trained.
One good thing is that she’ll be able to pronounce the Spanish R 🙂
Hace ya casi un mes que le cortaron el frenillo, y aún seguimos con problemillas. Ha mejorado el agarre al pecho, pero tiene malos hábitos de comer con frenillo durante sus primeras diez semanas, así que nunca será perfecto 😦
Fue un momentito solo, y lloró más por estar agarrada que del corte (o eso me digo yo). Sangró muy poco, y casi toda la sangre salió al rato cuando echó leche rosa!
Le recomiendo a todo el mundo que vaya a alguien experto a revisar si su bebé tiene el frenillo corto; a ella se lo miraron en el hospital antes de darnos el alta y nos dijeron que no tenía problemas – sin ni siquiera tocarle debajo de la lengua! Claramente no sabía lo que hacía.
Un lado positivo es que no tendrá problemas para pronunciar la R 🙂

Bottom / Culo


So what’s this obsession we have with babies’ bums? It seems like once we have a baby, we mostly talk about nappies!
Whenever my grandma was shown a picture of Chloe, she would say she wanted to kiss her bum, and so she did as soon as we got to see her 🙂
At the moment I’m mainly wondering when Chloe will learn to fart – it’s gone from automatic to needing some effort, and she gets so uncomfortable she doesn’t know how to deal with it..
¿Por qué estaremos tan obsesionados con los culos de los bebés? Parece que una vez que tienes uno, todas tus conversaciones son sobre pañales.
Cuando a mi abuela le enseñaban fotos de Chloe, siempre decía que le quería dar un besito en el culo, y dicho y hecho, prácticamente al entrar por la puerta se lo dio 🙂
Por mi parte me pregunto cuándo aprenderá Chloe a peer – ha pasado de ser algo automático a requerir un esfuerzo, y se vuelve tan incómoda sin saber qué hacer..

Lecithin / Lecitina


Where would I be without you, lecithin?
Since Chloe was born I have had three mastitis (one included three nights at the hospital, a story for another post) and countless plugged ducts. Lecithin seems to really help prevent them, because I forgot to take it last night and right now I’m in a lot of pain. Hoping it gets sorted soon..

Lecitina, que haria yo sin ti?
Desde que nacio Chloe he tenido tres mastitis (con la primera pasé tres noches ingresada, ya vendrá el post) y nosecuántos casos de conductos obstruídos. La lecitina parece que ayuda a prevenirlos, porque se me pasó tomármela anoche y hoy estoy viendo las estrellas. Espero que se pase pronto..