Teething / La Boca

A conversation we had today at baby massage has reminded me that I’ve never posted anything about teething!

Maybe I never was around babies much, or maybe the ones I did meet had laid-back parents, but from Spain I didn’t grow up with the idea that teething is something terrible and that it causes a myriad of nasty symptoms. So it was indeed a shock to see that in the UK, pretty much anything a baby does is blamed on teething!

Anything from drooling (the salivary glands starting to overproduce, in preparation for solids), to taking hands/toys to their mouth (that’s how they explore the world), to nappy rash, fever, bad sleep, crankiness.. you name it, it’s the teeth’s fault!

So it actually made me laugh when I found an old medical article (say 100 years old?) in which the leading cause of infant death was.. you guessed right! Teething 😬

As much as I’ve looked around, I haven’t found a single study that shows reliably any symptoms related to teething. Some show a couple of symptoms that happen just the day before a tooth comes through (and warns you that any fever should be evaluated, as it’s definitely not caused by teething).

To be fair, I don’t see a problem with blaming things, as long as you still allow your baby to chew on stuff, and as long as you don’t medicate unnecessarily (a pet peeve of mine if you wish).

In Chloe’s case, this is what I’ve noticed: for most teeth, nothing at all. Including having four molars out overnight with me having no idea. And for the four bottom incisors, which are really crammed and wonky, she had one-sided runny nose (see picture) and one night with slightly disturbed sleep.


Brute / Bruta

It seems like every time Chloe gets new top teeth, she likes to spend a few days putting her bottom ones in front – making what I lovingly refer to as ‘brute face’ haha.

Cada vez que le salen dientes arriba se lleva unos días poniendo los de abajo por delante – o por dejarlo más claro, poniendk cara de bruta jaja.

Toilet / Aseo

I have recently built an accessible toileting area for Chloe. It has a mirror, a sink, a jug (will be for filling the sink but for now it’s just holding her toothbrush!), some face cloths, a nail brush and a towel hanging nearby.

I need to get some hand wash but I haven’t managed to find one I like yet. And a proper holder for brushes to stick on the side.

It’s meant to also have her hair brush but I cannot find it! Right when her hair is finally getting a bit longer!

Every morning after breakfast we come upstairs to brush our teeth, our faces and our hands. She’s not enjoying the hands part but she knows how it works and will let me do it 🙂

And her favourite part is, after I’ve brushed her teeth, to brush them herself and dip the toothbrush in the sink to drink some of the water!

Le he montado una zona de aseo en el baño de arriba, con espejo, palangana, jarra (por ahora tiene el cepillo de dientes pero la idea es que sea para llenar la palangana), pañitos para la cara, cepillo de uñas y una toalla colgada cerca.

Le quiero comprar jabón de manos pero no he dado con uno que me guste. Y un vasito para pegar en el lado para los cepillos.

En teoría el cepillo del pelo también va ahí pero no consigo dar con el! ¡Justo cuando le empieza a crecer el pelo!

Todas las mañanas después del desayuno subimos a lavarnos los dientes, la cara y las manos. Lo de las manos no le gusta pero sabe cómo va y me deja hacer 🙂

Su parte favorita es cuando le he lavado los dientes, que sigue ella lavándoselos pero va mojando el cepillo para beberse el agua jaja

Teeth / Dientes


Finally we see teeth! Chloe started walking when she turned 11 months but decided to wait to grow teeth a little longer 😂
She’s got a tiny bit on the lower gum, from the right tooth, and the top left is clearly out. I call this one a fake tooth, not because it’s fake in itself but because it shouldn’t be there just yet.
You see, she had an accident a couple of weeks ago and hit her top gum badly (scroll down for gruesome picture), so the tooth has taken advantage of this and has popped out already!
She was standing using one of the toddler chairs and somehow slipped, hitting her gum on the corner. Ouch 😭
¡Por fin dientes! Chloe ha echado a andar a los once meses pero ha querido esperar un poco más para echar dientes 😂
Tiene un piquito del diente de abajo de la derecha, y el de arriba de la izquierda como se ve en la foto. Al de arriba le digo falso, no porque lo sea sino porque no debería haber salido todavía.
Veréis, hace unos días tuvo un accidente y se partió la boca (foto sangrienta abajo), así que el diente ha aprovechado para salir.
Estaba apoyada en una de las sillas chicas y se resbaló, pegándose en la encía. Au 😭