King’s Parade / Cabalgata de Reyes


Tonight is the big night in Spain.
Traditionally we don’t have Father Christmas, but we have the Three Wise Men / Kings that bring presents (as they did to baby Jesus back in the day).
So in the evening we go out to watch the parade. It has been a mental day, with Chloe reaching unbelievable levels of clinginess, but we managed to go out with her on my back and she actually quite enjoyed herself, jumping up and down and all.
Now looking forward to finding presents around my shoes..
Hoy hemos llevado a Chloe a ver su primera Cabalgata de Reyes. El día había sido horrible, sin poderme separar de ella ni medio metro, pero una vez en la calle se animó (eso sí, iba encima de su mami jeje).
Le han gustado mucho las carrozas y las luces navideñas, y a ver qué le han traído por la mañana.


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